Welcome to Amager Kiteschool!

Amager kitesurfing School, has been operating since 2009 and offering top quality service to students from all over the globe in kitesurfing. The lessons are being held at Sydvestpynten, 20 minutes outside the city, where you will find the flattest waters in Copenhagen and open stretches of beaches. The onshore winds a create an ideal environment to learn or improve your kiteboarding skills. Our team of instructors are expert kiteboarders are DS/KSA Certified and multilingual with over 8 years experience teaching and riding. You can ride the whole year but the Spring, Summer and Fall are best months to go kitesurfing or  Stand up paddle surfing. The goal is to create responsible and independent kiters so everyone can continue to enjoy this sport throughout the world.

The courses starts at 16:00 in weekdays and 13:00 in the weekends where we meet on the beach.

Our adress is Prags Blvd. 43, 2300 København S.

You can see our beaches on this link.

You can always get in contact with us by mailing info@amagerkiteskole.dk or calling us at: +4521853959

All of the courses are available with english-speaking certified instructors. You can read more about our courses below.

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Try kitesurfing.- 2 hours. Try the basic. 599 dkk (80 euro)

This course starts on the beach where you will be tought the most important principles in kitesurfing. You will learn how a kite flyes and how the “windwindow” work with the use of a 2 square meter trainerkite. As soon as you have full control over the trainer kite we take the wetsuit on and go out in the water. In the water you will try the big kites and be introduced to an excercise called “bodydragging”. This is incredibly fun excercise where you try to create as much power as possible and get dragged accross the water. The bodydrag excercise can compared to get shot out of a canon!

“Turbo” – 1 day class, 1549 dkk, 5 hours.

An actionpakked day that you wont forget in a long time!

Turbo is our one day course with the goal to learn you the basics of kitesurfing.

Before the start of this course you will get access to our online teaching material to be able to prepare for the lesson as good as possible.

On the turbolesson you will learn everything from choosing a good spot to learning how to control your kite in a safe way. You will learn about metrology, how the wind can be affected from different objects and what different clouds on the sky mean.

The course start with theory and information about equipment. After this we go out into the water and do some different exercises with the big kites. In the end of the lesson you will train how to get up on the board.

Elite – 2 days, 2749 DKK, 10 hours.

Our most popular kitesurfing course is tailormade for you that wants to learn how to kitesurfing with focus on independence and personal development.

Elite is for you that want to learn al the aspects of the sport from safety and how the safety system works to the practical manoeuvres.

The goal with the lesson is that you should be able to be able to after the course pick out a spot and go kitesurfing by your self.

The course is often divided up over two days. We normally start on a Saturdays at one p.m and finish sometime Sunday afternoon. In the high season we also have Eliteclasses during the weekdays.

We started Elite when we received some feedback from our shorter lesson that was saying:  “It was so much fun but it was sad it ended when it was as most fun”

The one day lesson we offer is very intensive with a lot of information. Since there is no time to rehearse everything you learned during this day we decided to start the Elite where the student get time to take in al the information in a longer time period and have the possibility to rehearse al the theoretical and practical information with an experienced instructor by your side.  This way you will get an better understanding of the sport and the power you are dealing with.  This creates a better feeling of safety when you are going out by your self.

The lesson includes

1 film with instructions

Teaching material online

Possibility to get certified (Danish sail union, KSA)

Enter your e-mail and/or phone number here and we will get back to you with an overview of possible times for lessons
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